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For more than 90 years, and four generations, the Gidas family has been providing Pittsburgh and its suburbs with the best in floral services. We have a reputation for excellence and guaranteed satisfaction. Our master designers are here to assist you in selecting just the right floral expression for your occasion. Come visit our open-air flower display. Touch, smell, feel, and create your own bouquet with over 20 varieties daily. We Provide Same-Day Delivery, City Wide and Suburbs, on Orders Placed by Noon. Call Gidas Flowers today, the best Pittsburgh flower shop!

The Color of Flowers

The Color of Flowers

Posted by Jason Gidas on 16th Jun 2020

What do the colors of flowers mean in a bouquet? This is a question our team often gets asked. 

If a customer wants to convey a specific message or sentiment, this can be done through the colors of flowers

that are sent. Most people know the Red means love and romance. Pink means grace and innocence.

White means sympathy and unity.

After that flower color meanings are less well known.  Does yellow, blue or lavender have a meaning?  The answer to 

this question is yes!

Yellow means friendship and happiness. Lavender means youth and elegance.  Blue means serenity and openness.

So if you have a special someone, and you want to get across a particular sentiment through the flowers, you can use the above color meanings as guidance. 

Beyond colors, particular flowers can also have certain meanings. To name a few examples, iris are a symbol of power and majesty. Sunflowers symbolize pure thoughts and adoration. Finally, bird of paradise symbolize joyfulness and magnificence. 

So the next time you send flowers, keep these tidbits and mind, and impress the recipient with a deeper meaning behind the flowers you sent them!