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Planning Tips From a Pittsburgh Wedding Florist

Planning Tips From a Pittsburgh Wedding Florist

Posted by Jason Gidas on 2nd Oct 2019

There is so much planning that goes into a wedding. At times it can be overwhelming. 

Where are we going to have the ceremony? Where will we have the reception? How many guests, and who will we invite? Will we have a DJ or a band? Who will handle the lighting, cake, linens, photography, limos, flowers??  

So many choices to make, and even though engagements typically last a year, that ends up being less time than you think to coordinate everything.  Below are a few pointers from us, Gidas Flowers, your local Pittsburgh wedding florist, that will make the florist selection process easier.

Florist Wedding Planning Tips

1. Have a ceremony and a venue selected before meeting with your florist.  Many of the choices you make, whether it be the style of bouquets or reception centerpieces, will hinge on the setting. Some venues with very high ceilings call for elevated centerpieces to help fill the space. 

2. Have your dress, as well as the bridesmaids dresses, selected before your floral consultation.  The color and style that you pick for the dresses can have an effect on the colors and style of your bouquets. 

3. Prepare a floral budget. Flower costs can range drastically based on types of flowers used, what's in season, time of year, and the size and complexity of design of the bouquets and centerpieces. Be realistic in your budget as well. If you have 8 bridesmaids and 25 tables and you want to only spend $1500 on florals, be prepared for lots of DIY.  Some quick math will tell you that only leaves you $60 per table just for centerpieces (which would be a small arrangement), and that's your entire budget. Inviting lots of guests and a large wedding party will require a larger floral budget.

4. Take into consideration the delivery time of bouquets and corsages for your event. Photographers love to have flowers delivered first thing in the morning, so they are featured in "getting ready" photos.  For some designs, this is no problem. However, flowers are very delicate, and are perishable. The more time they spend out of refrigeration and out of water, the faster they begin to wilt. So in general a delivery 1-2 hours prior to your ceremony is best if you want your flowers to look their best!

Schedule a Wedding Consultation

As Pittsburgh's premier wedding florist, we offer free wedding consultations, and will provide you with outstanding floral decorations to make your event memorable.  We offer a complementary centerpiece sample if you choose us as your florist, so you will get to see exactly what your centerpiece will look like on the big day! 

Give us a call today at 412-621-1300 to schedule your consultation! 



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