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Why You Should Visit a Downtown Flower Shop for Valentine's Day

Why You Should Visit a Downtown Flower Shop for Valentine's Day

23rd Jan 2023

Flowers are a standard gift. We give them for get-well gestures and housewarmings, but nothing quite takes the prize like Valentine's Day. Roughly 73% of purchased flowers happen on Valentine's day by men wanting to impress their partners, according to Statistic Brain. The choices may be overwhelming, but here's why you should visit a downtown flower shop for Valentine's Day.

Community Outreach

When you buy local, you're giving back to your community. The funds stay in instead of going to other cities' pockets. By creating more business in your own community, you're keeping stores and services thriving. Community outreach can be as simple as visiting a downtown flower shop instead of purchasing online.

Customization Comes Easier

Local downtown flower shops are able to customize your orders and listen to you. You can walk into the shop and see their flowers instead of just hoping that the pictures on online websites are going to be what is delivered. You can discuss favorite flowers, color options, or even learn about certain custom-created arrangements. With local services, you're able to get more because they aren't mass-produced and inflexible.

A local flower shop will take more time to create your arrangement because their quality matters and they want to maintain repeat business. Mass online flower shops aren't as concerned with losing a few clients, as they are a much wider business that isn't as dependent.

Faster Delivery

Local shops can deliver faster than online shops, which means fresher flowers will arrive to receivers. They know the area well and aren't handing off your floral arrangement to third parties to get from place to place. If there is an issue, the customer can be contacted quicker and arrangements can be made. Problems are solved easier and faster with a downtown flower shop!

Fewer Fees

There can be fewer fees associated with a local flower shop versus an online one. Some shops take on several fees that go to the total order amount, increasing the purchase price. Local shops are more customer friendly and cheaper. Plus, they may have promotions in-store!

If you are in need of flower arrangements, we are here to help you navigate the world of bloom. Give Gidas Flowers a call today to learn more!



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