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For more than 90 years, and four generations, the Gidas family has been providing Pittsburgh and its suburbs with the best in floral services. We have a reputation for excellence and guaranteed satisfaction. Our master designers are here to assist you in selecting just the right floral expression for your occasion. Come visit our open-air flower display. Touch, smell, feel, and create your own bouquet with over 20 varieties daily. We Provide Same-Day Delivery, City Wide and Suburbs, on Orders Placed by Noon. Call Gidas Flowers today, the best Pittsburgh flower shop!

Which Flower Arrangements Should You Buy for Your Loved One?

Which Flower Arrangements Should You Buy for Your Loved One?

22nd Apr 2023

Are you on the lookout for the perfect flower arrangement to buy for your loved one? If so, you're at the right place. According to our sources, most floral arrangements last 4 to 7 days or even longer, making them a quality gift for any occasion. Below, we've highlighted four different flower pairs that go perfectly and create a beautiful message for the receiver. Review this list in detail, and research flower shops near you to order the bouquet today.

Red Roses + Baby's Breath

A flower arrangement of red roses and baby's breath creates a romantic and regal bouquet that'll make your loved one swoon. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this flower arrangement also tells a heartfelt message. Red roses correlate with love and passion, while the baby's breath symbolizes everlasting love, sincerity, and trust. With this stated, this combination makes the perfect bouquet for a relationship anniversary, spouse's birthday, or wedding celebration.

Tulips + Daisies

The cheery, big blooms of vibrant tulips are paired wonderfully with the soft and delicate buds of the common daisy. The color options for these tulips are many, which makes personalization easy. With this stated, any color of tulips will represent perfection and a deep sense of love that is unconditional. Additionally, daisies portray cheerfulness and new beginnings. In light of this, the tulip and daisy flower arrangement would be a nice gift for any spouse, child, sibling, or parent that's embarking on a new journey that is joyful and meaningful.

Sunflowers + Lilies

Sunflowers are a flower choice popularly chosen due to their bold appearance. Additionally, lilies are purchased by many due to their large blooms and various color combinations available in flower shops. While considering these two factors, it's no surprise that these two florals together make a stunning flower arrangement. Sunflowers represent loyalty and happiness, while lilies communicate rebirth, devotion, and love. In light of this, the flower combination is perfect for your significant other or close friends during an important life event.

Hydrangea + White Roses

Hydrangeas are an iconic bloom that's dramatic and plush, while white roses are a classic bloom. Putting these two flowers together creates a unique and remarkable arrangement. Hydrangeas, which come in various colors, portray gratitude, peace, and harmony. Plus, white roses represent eternal love and fresh beginnings. With this stated, the hydrangeas and white roses make the perfect gift for an anniversary or wedding celebration.

Review these arrangement ideas listed above and choose a bouquet that fits your wants. After deciding on an arrangement, reach out to Gidas Flowers today to order flowers for your loved one.