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What Are the Right Questions to Ask a Florist?

What Are the Right Questions to Ask a Florist?

18th Nov 2021

Florists are often the first point of contact for those looking to send flowers as a token of appreciation or celebration. This means that there are a lot of florists on the market and the Internet, and it's hard to know which one is right for you. Here are some questions to ask a florist so you can find a flower shop that suits your tastes.

1. How Far in Advance Do You Need to Place an Order?

One of the biggest differences in florists is how far in advance you need to place an order. Some local florists, especially those that work with farmers and wholesalers, will have what you're looking for if you arrive just a few hours before closing time. However, some florists will require orders to be placed several days in advance. Find out how far in advance you need to place an order by asking the florist this question.

2. Do You Accept Online Orders?

Many florists have a website that allows you to place orders online. Whether it's for same-day delivery or flowers that need to be dropped off tomorrow, some florists will accept orders from their website and have your order ready in just a few minutes. Others may only allow phone orders, so ask the florist if they accept online orders.

3. How Many Flower Types Do You Have Available?

Some florists only have a few types of flowers, while others may have dozens of different blooms. If you know exactly what type of flowers you're looking for, then ask the florist if they have that flower. If you want a wide range of flowers for a bouquet, ask the flower shop how many types of flowers they have available.

4. Can You Customize an Order?

If you're looking to make a statement with your flower order, then it might be worth asking if the florist will customize the order as you want it. This may be a more expensive option, but having flowers that perfectly match your vision can be well worth the extra money.

5. What Types of Payments Do You Accept?

Most flower shops accept various types of payment, but some are more common than others. Credit cards and cash are the most popular, while online payments are also catching up. Be sure to find out what type of payment your favorite flower shop accepts before placing your order. If they don't accept the type of payment you plan to use, your options might be limited.

6. Do You Offer Delivery?

Most florists offer delivery for a fee, but some don't deliver at all. It's important to know if the florist in question delivers before placing your order because if they don't, and you're not local, it could be difficult to pick up the flowers yourself.

Depending on the type of flowers used and the amount of care they receive, floral arrangements can last anywhere from four to seven days or more. Therefore, it is important to find a flower shop that will deliver the flowers at their freshest. To learn more, contact Gidas Flowers today.



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