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What Are the Most Romantic Flowers?

What Are the Most Romantic Flowers?

22nd Aug 2022

According to The Atlantic, 83% say they love random flower gifts. Most people consider flower gifts as romantic and a sign of love. Yet, not everyone knows which flowers are the most romantic. The following insights will help you understand which options to consider when sending a romantic gift package.

Red Roses

Red roses are among the most popular flowers in multiple floral shops, thanks to their red color, which is associated with passion and romantic love. Most people associate these flowers with royalty and rarity.

Red roses symbolize eternal love. They are excellent choices for anniversaries, love proclamations, and engagements. You could also consider them for special occasions, including Valentine's Day.

Stargazer Lilies

The Stargazer is the most popular lily in floral shops, thanks to its blooming nature and unmatched fragrance. Its pink color is lush, making it an excellent choice for various romantic settings.

The Stargazer symbolizes purity and an expression of sympathy. Yet, its blossoming pink hues could also be considered a sign of prosperity and abundance. For this reason, you can send this flower to show the abundance of your love and how much you'd want this love to prosper. At the same time, pink can be used to show aspiration, meaning you can rely on the Stargazer when declaring love to someone.


Floral shops offer tulips in multiple colors, from red, yellow, and purple to white and pink. These flowers are suitable for happy-go-lucky individuals. Their rarity makes them a gem!

Tulips symbolize perfect love. However, different colors have distinct meanings. For instance, red tulips signal strong and true love. On the other hand, purple tulips symbolize royalty. Ensure that you understand what color conveys the message you want to send before choosing it.


The lilac is yet another flower you should consider for a romantic setup. Its light violet hues show the infantry stages of love. For this reason, you can use them when starting a new relationship or rebuilding a broken one.

While it's used for new love, the magenta color symbolizes strong love. You can use it at various events, including birthdays, random surprises, and the first few monthly anniversaries.

Nothing can boost your partner's mood better than romantic flowers. With the options above, you know what to prioritize. Pick flowers that convey the message you intend to make. Reach out to us for the best flower delivery services!



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