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These Flowers That Make Great Gifts Year-Round

These Flowers That Make Great Gifts Year-Round

22nd Jan 2024

Flowers can brighten anyone's day. Whether you want to send some as a gift or buy some for yourself at the local flower shop, you can't go wrong with blooms. Here are four flowers that make great gifts year-round. 


When you want flowers that symbolize romance, look no further than roses. After all, there's a reason why roses are the most popular flower bought each year on Valentine's Day. However, you don't have to be cliche and only buy red roses. These beautiful blooms come in many colors and varieties. For example, did you know that yellow roses symbolize friendship? White roses represent purity, so they make a great gift for births. Whatever the occasion, you can find colorful roses from your local flower shop. 


Lavender is an interesting pick for a floral arrangement. Did you know that lavender is a herb that produces small purple flowers on long stems? Lavender's amazing aroma helps reduce stress and anxiety, which is why it's a scent often used in bath and beauty products. When you give someone a gift of lavender flowers, they can keep them until they dry out and use them for tea, to line drawers, laundry baskets, or for potpourri. 


It's hard not to feel cheerful when given a gift of sunflowers. When they grow in a field, they're known for following the rays of the sun. They symbolize admiration and gratitude while being associated with optimism and happiness. 


Orchids are exotic and elegant flowers that come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. When you want flowers representing grace and sophistication while lasting a long time, these flowers are the ideal choice. When you want a gift for someone who exudes elegance and class and enjoys the finer things in life, order some orchids from your local flower shop. 

When you visit your local flower shop, you now have an idea of what to buy. We can design special bouquets, wedding flowers, and even wedding cakes. To find flowers for someone you love, visit our shop in Pittsburgh today! We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about options. We look forward to seeing you and making you the perfect flower arrangement for a loved one in your life.



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