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The Best Flowers For Holidays

The Best Flowers For Holidays

18th Jan 2022

In the U.S., approximately 250 million roses were produced for the 2019 Valentine's Day celebration. While roses are the absolute go-to flowers for this period, there are other holidays throughout the year that can never be complete without a lovely bouquet. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of flowers for you to choose from, and there are no hard rules that dictate which flowers are for which holiday. You just have to visit local florists and put your creativity to the test.

Below is the ultimate list of some of the best flowers for holidays for you to choose from.

1. Poinsettias

Christmas holidays are never complete without these gorgeous green and bright red beauties. While they are not flowers but potted plants, their contrasting leaves resemble petals and complement the Christmas mood effortlessly. They thrive well indoors, provided they are exposed to bright indirect light. Luckily, if you like some spontaneity, they also come in other combos like white and green.

2. Amaryllis

You can never go wrong with amaryllis as a holiday flower. Normally, amaryllis blooms during springtime, but most local florists will have them all year round. This makes them the perfect choice for all holidays, whether you plan to gift someone or have them in your house. The good thing is that they come in different colors, which easily blend with most holiday themes. Also, they have a delicate mild scent that is heavenly. Their beauty is exquisite, and they can be used as centerpieces in conjunction with other beautiful flowers -- be sure to try them out!

3. Roses

Even though they are mostly associated with Valentine's Day, these luxurious flowers are the perfect choice for any holiday celebration. Luckily, apart from the traditional red roses, they come in other colors that make them easier to incorporate with your holiday décor. Their different colors make them the perfect gift for any holiday, depending on the mood. Be sure to try different arrangements for the perfect outcome.

4. Carnations

There's something about these gentle, elegant flowers that make them perfect for any holiday. They come in different colors representing different emotions, making them the ultimate gifts to friends and family depending on your relationship and the season they are in. They also bear a spicy fragrance which makes them irresistible.

While these are the most preferred flowers for any holiday all year round, there are varieties of flowers for you to choose from. Be sure to contact local florists for more options and insights.



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