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Sophisticated Flower Options to Choose for Your Summer Wedding

Sophisticated Flower Options to Choose for Your Summer Wedding

10th Jun 2024

Summer is the ideal season for weddings. The weather is beautiful, the birds are chirping, and there are so many ways to make the event bountiful. Flowers can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal to make your wedding more sophisticated. In fact, 65% of couples hired a florist when choosing wedding vendors, according to The Knot. Let's review some of the best blooms to use for your summer nuptials.


Gardenias are white and elegant, and their crisp color goes well with beautiful white wedding dresses. Gardenias are a popular flower for bouteniers, ensuring the flowers for the wedding party match. These breathtaking blooms can be paired with bold colors to create a vibrant or stand-alone bouquet. This classic wedding flower is always an excellent option!


Orchids are another excellent wedding flower for your summer nuptials. They are in season during summer and are available in various colors, including white, pink, and purple, to ensure you can find exactly what you like. You’ll discover several varieties, including mini-orchids that can be used for bouteniers. Orchids are available in various sizes and shapes to ensure you can make your bouquet as unique as your event.


These gorgeous flowers bloom just in time for July and August weddings. They’re the perfect addition to any bouquet because they don’t have a scent. Use white dahlias for an elegant appeal or a bold hue to create a statement. Bright oranges and deep burgundies can be used to create centerpieces. On the other hand, light pink dahlias pair perfectly with sophisticated white roses for a beautiful bridesmaid bouquet. You can easily find a color to suit any wedding style, from elegant to rustic.


For years, carnations were used as fillers in bouquets. Now, more people recognize how beautiful they are. A bouquet of carnations is available in any color imaginable. Opt for a bouquet of light pink carnations for whimsical summer nuptials or white for elegant ceremonies. These flowers instantly say summer love.

Finding the perfect wedding flower is crucial to help make your big day special. Our professional florists can help you design centerpieces and select the ideal complementary blooms for bouquets. Contact our reliable and experienced team at Gidas Flowers today to learn more!



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