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Pittsburgh's Premier Wedding Florist

Pittsburgh's Premier Wedding Florist

Posted by Jason Gidas on 20th Jun 2019

Now that wedding season is in full swing, I thought I'd write about a typical wedding week at the Gidas Flower Shop.

A Week in the Life of a Wedding Florist

Flowers that have been sourced weeks earlier from around the world, arrive at various points throughout the week.

Flowers are processed according to strict guidelines, based on individual flower needs. Unnecessary foliage is removed from flower stems, roses are stripped of thorns, pollen from lilies are removed, and flowers are freshly cut and placed in buckets of water that have been treated with flower preservative. 

After all flowers have been properly conditioned, design work typically begins on Thursdays. Wedding bouquets are masterfully designed and placed in individual vases of water, which are then placed in temperature controlled coolers. Wedding centerpieces go through a similar process. Boutonnieres and Corsages are made on Fridays, as once stems are wrapped, there is no longer a water source for those flowers. Everything is refrigerated to ensure freshness.

On the Day of the Wedding 

On the actual day of the wedding, teams of event staff are dispatched all over the city of Pittsburgh to deliver and setup the weddings and events for the day. Depending on the size of the event, teams of 2-4 staff members are sent to each venue, where they begin the process of unloading, and delivering flowers to the event space. 

Many times there is on site design work that must happen in order to bring the client's vision to life. As Pittsburgh's premier florist, we have relationships with vendors all over the city, who we must coordinate our setups with. The cake flowers cannot be designed, unless the bakery has delivered the cake. The centerpieces cannot be placed, without coordination from the linen company. The archway cannot be decorated until the archway has been constructed by Gidas Flowers, the event rental company, or in some cases a member of the bride/grooms family.  

As you can see, it takes the teamwork of many vendors to make each wedding perfect!  

You can be sure that when you put your faith in Pittsburgh's premier wedding and event florist, Gidas Flowers, that everything will turn out as you always imagined and more!



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