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How Do Flowers Affect Us?

How Do Flowers Affect Us?

13th May 2022

There have been lots of studies done to find out what impacts flowers have on people's moods, attitudes, and happiness. It's no news that gifting a person a bouquet makes them happy. Flowers also lift the mood and general atmosphere in a room. The big question everyone wonders is why it is so. About 88% of respondents from a survey said receiving a gift of flowers changed their moods for the better. What is it about flowers and their ability to shift moods in people?

Flowers Symbolize Growth and Life

Flowers blooming is one of the natural occurrences of life and they signify that the reproduction cycle is recurring. As such, this makes a flower the representation of life and when a person looks at them it is said that it fills them with the feeling of a new life, a new beginning. Different flowers have the specific symbolism they represent.

Flowers Give the Gift of Memory

Flowers are not only beautiful, but they also help inspire memories and therefore lift people out of negative moods. Different flowers can evoke different memories that convey passion or sympathy based on their colors and scents.

Flowers Reduce Anxiety and Stress

It has been proven that smelling flowers is a huge reliever of anxiety, and stress and alleviates mild depression. It is why the process of aromatherapy heavily relies on floral fragrances. Flowers like lavender are used to improve short-term memory cases, relieve anxiety, and be a good agent of relaxation.

Flowers Have Healing Qualities

Just like with paintings, flowers evoke emotions from people because they are a natural form of art. Specific smells and colors form a combination of healing qualities for mental, emotional, and physical purposes.

Flowers Offer the Gift of Giving

According to research, it has been noted that when a person receives a bouquet it boosts their mood greatly. It was noticed that when people received a gift of a flower or flowers they physically and emotionally showed their true smile.

Flowers surround us all over and they offer lots of benefits in regards to our general wellbeing. Their major benefit is that they greatly improve a person's health with their positive connotations. Flowers are also aesthetically pleasing and can greatly improve the features of living spaces or property. If you are ever in need of a boost in the atmosphere of your space, we can provide you with fresh flower arrangements that suit your needs.



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