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How Do Flower Shops Help Floral Arrangements Last?

How Do Flower Shops Help Floral Arrangements Last?

25th Sep 2023

Have you ever wondered how flower shops keep their flowers looking so fresh? According to our team, most floral arrangements will last from four to seven days, or longer, depending on the type of flowers included and the level of care they are receiving. There are lots of steps that a florist will take to ensure that flowers stay fresh and attractive. Let’s look at a few methods to keep those arrangements looking great.

AC Units Cool Rooms

The most common way that flower shops keep flowers fresh is with the use of AC or cool rooms. The ideal temp to ensure that flowers remain fresh after cutting is 1-2 degrees Celsius. Keeping the entire floral shop at a cooler temperature is a popular method, so they will have AC units installed. You may have experienced walking into a flower shop and immediately noticing how cool it is.

Another option is a cool room. Most florists will have a workshop equipped with a cool room. This is helpful to keep flowers very fresh while they are awaiting arrangement. Refrigerated storage units are also sometimes used to keep full control of temperature so that flowers can stay fresh for their entire lifespan.

Flower Arrangement Lifespan

There are expected lifespans for flowers. In general, you should be able to keep a floral arrangement nice for about seven days. However, there are certain types of flowers that consistently last longer than that. If you are interested in keeping your flowers fresh for as long as possible, you should buy directly from local flower shops. You have no way of knowing how long flowers have already been at a retail store so the lifespan of the flowers could have already been much diminished before you ever buy them. A flower shop will have the freshest flowers available to you.

Once you get your flowers home, you can encourage their lifespan by keeping them cool. Flowers and the leaves are about 70% to 95% water. They should be kept in the right humidity conditions as well to avoid drying out. Follow the instructions given by the florist for flower arrangement care, as well.

If you are interested in local flower shops, or you are in need of floral arrangements, please contact us today. We are here for all of your floral needs. We're looking forward to working with you.



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