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How a Flower Delivery Can Improve Someone's Mental Health

How a Flower Delivery Can Improve Someone's Mental Health

20th Jul 2023

For centuries, or perhaps longer, flowers have been a source of joy. Flowers can help to express deep emotions, share happiness, show sympathy, and just in general help someone know that you care and are thinking of them. According to the Society of American Florists, 88% of respondents in a survey said that a gift of flowers improves their mood. Let's look at a few instances when a flower delivery can help someone's mental health.

Hospital Stays

Being in the hospital is never much fun. Most people are just counting down the days to when they can leave. Receiving a flower delivery can make this challenging time a little bit brighter. Staying in the hospital can also be boring, which doesn't do much to help your mood either. When a person is already feeling physically unwell, it can also affect their mental health. Delivering flowers could make all the difference to a friend or a loved one.

After A Fight

All relationships have their ups and downs. If you've hit a rough patch with a loved one, it can take its toll on your mood as well as theirs. Doing something kind such as planning a flower delivery can make a difference. A flower arrangement is a great way to say I'm sorry or to simply reassure your loved one that everything is going to be okay between you after a challenging time.


When someone you care about experiences a loss, you want to show you care. Having flowers delivered can be the perfect choice. A gift of flowers lets your loved one know that you see they are hurting and that you are thinking of them. They will know that you put in time and effort to show your compassion and that can mean a lot.

Big Changes

Another time in which moods can be improved with flowers is during big changes. This could be a job change, a house move, or any other big change that can affect your mental health. A gift of flowers says, “I see you, and I care".

There are so many reasons to send a person flowers. If you need flowers to brighten someone's day, please contact us. We want to be a part of your flower gift today.



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