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Give Your Friend the Gift of Flowers Just Because

Give Your Friend the Gift of Flowers Just Because

7th May 2024

Gifts of flowers are often given on certain occasions, but there’s really no rule about when to give blooms. In fact, just because flowers can sometimes mean the most. According to the Society of American Florists, about 23% of floral purchases were made just because. This ignites a powerful feeling of joy in people and really shows them that you’re thinking of them. Let’s take a deeper look at sending flowers just because and the best types of blooms you can send.

Lifts the Spirits

Even if your friend or loved one isn’t necessarily having a hard time right now, receiving a spontaneous gift of flowers can still lift their spirits. If they are having a hard time, then this simple act of love and thoughtfulness could be just what they need to get out of their blue feelings. When you feel that someone is thinking of you and caring about you, it brings a sense of hope and helps them get through the tough times they might be experiencing.

Strengthens Connections

Another benefit of sending spontaneous flowers for loved ones is that it helps to strengthen the connection you have. A gift of flowers could be the necessary piece that turns an acquaintance into a true friend for life. Showing your appreciation for a friend goes a long way!

Consider These Blooms

There are lots of flowers to choose from when it comes to gifting bouquets. For example, roses are always a good option but are often used to express romantic feelings and deep affection. Tulips are also a great choice, as they come in a wide variety of colors and can really cheer someone up. Lilies are a nice choice if you want to make a dramatic statement of your affection. Carnations are happy and fun flowers that come in a variety of playful colors, while orchids are an elegant choice and will often last if cared for properly.

Whether you'd like to express appreciation for a friend or they're going through a period that calls for some cheering up, flowers for loved ones just because is a thoughtful way to show you care. Get in touch with our experienced florists at Gidas Flowers today to send a bouquet to your loved one!



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