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Flower Delivery in Pittsburgh

Flower Delivery in Pittsburgh

Posted by Jason Gidas on 16th May 2019

Gidas Flowers has been family owned and operated in Pittsburgh for over 100 years. Four generations have come through our Pittsburgh flower shop, and with that lots of hard work, a tradition of excellence, and thousands of satisfied customers!

Flower Delivery in Pittsburgh

One of the more unique parts of our business involves how we are able to cover such a large delivery territory and still get things delivered the same day. We cover the entire city of Pittsburgh, as well as most of the surrounding suburbs. 

We aren't like a pizza shop that can only deliver in a 2-5 mile radius around their location. This is due to an unconventional approach to deliveries. We partner with our competitors!  Yep you read that right. We help our competitors, and they help us. This unique approach allows our group of 20 member florists to cover a much larger territory, than any of us could do alone. 

We meet each day at 12:30 at a warehouse in the strip district and divide up packages. Each member shop is assigned a specific area/zip codes near their shop. They deliver all the other members packages for that area for the day. That allows for more efficiency with deliveries, and allows you to get something delivered 15 miles away from us, your favorite florist, the same day! 



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