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Celebrate Your Wedding With a Unique Flower-Decorated Cake

Celebrate Your Wedding With a Unique Flower-Decorated Cake

Posted by Admin on 13th Mar 2024

Two of the most important elements of any wedding is the cake and the flowers. When these two elements come together, you can create something truly special. Flowers can be used as an accent or as an elegant topper for your cake. Flowers bring a fresh new life to cake decorations and can easily be coordinated with the flowers adorning other aspects of the wedding. Let’s look at a few different ways you can decorate cakes with flowers from a local floral shop for your wedding.

Simple Cakes With Gorgeous Flowers

If you’re not planning to go all out on your cake, you can still dress it up with gorgeous flower selections. Wedding cakes can be expensive, but you can save a little money by choosing a simple wedding cake. Once the cake has been decorated with colorful flowers, though, no one will think it’s boring. You’ll dazzle your guests with vibrant colors and beautiful blooms. Brightly colored flowers work great on very plain white cakes such as cheesecake frosting. Some flowers you might want to consider include pincushion, mums, ranunculus, and waxflowers.

Textures and Flowers

Even if your cake is going to have some texture to it, don’t be scared to add flowers to the mix as well. You can embrace the texture of buttercream frosting with decorative ridges while also accentuating fresh blooms from your local floral shop. Choose flowers in blush, white, and yellow if you’re going for an elegant yet simple look.

Rainbow Ombre Flowers

If you want to really make a statement with your cake choices, you can go with rainbow ombre. There are no hard fast rules that say wedding cakes must stay white. Incorporate the colors of the rainbow along with a solid blue fondant cake to create a multi-hue of cascading petals.

Garden Cakes

If flowers are just your favorite, then celebrate them as you celebrate your special day. Creating a garden cake is easy when you combine bold big blooms with a simple white cake. If you’re having a tiered wedding cake, create a different garden experience on each tier.

These are just a few ideas on how to incorporate flowers into your wedding cake design. According to our team, most arrangements can last four to seven days, or even longer, depending on the flower and the level of care. If you’re looking for inspiring flowers for your special day, please contact us. We are here for your florist needs.



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