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5 Pink Flowers That Can Improve Your Spouse's Day

5 Pink Flowers That Can Improve Your Spouse's Day

10th Jun 2024

Want to brighten your spouse's day and make them feel special? Giving flowers is a simple yet meaningful gesture. In fact, 89% of women say receiving flowers makes them feel special, according to About Flowers. When choosing blooms, you can't go wrong with pink petals, as they convey romance and appreciation. Here are five beautiful pink flower options to purchase from local flower shops.

1. Blush Roses

One of the most classic choices, blush roses come in stunning shades of light pink. They perfectly express love and gratitude. Ask your florist for fresh blush rose stems or an arrangement. Pair them with greenery in a vase or give a bouquet tied with a ribbon. Blush roses are sure to make your spouse feel cared for!

2. Sweet Peonies

Peonies bloom into lush, full pink flowers with a lovely scent. Incorporating peonies from flower shops into a flower delivery or bouquet adds a charming touch. Peonies convey devotion and are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.

3. Fringed Carnations

For an eye-catching option, choose the vibrant fringed carnation. Its ruffled petals have spray-painted edges in bright pink hues. Fringed carnations are playful yet pretty. Add them to a mixed flower arrangement or simple glass vase, and their lively color will surely make your spouse smile.

4. Blushing Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have big, clustered blooms that come in gorgeous shades of light pink. They embody sweetness and heartfelt emotion. Ask your local florist to include hydrangeas in a bouquet or basket to give to your spouse. They'll adore these delicate, blushing blooms.

5. Pink Tulips

Nothing says spring like cheerful tulips. Go for soft pink varieties to brighten your spouse's space. Tulips pair nicely with other pink blooms like roses and lilies. For an extra touch, tie a pink ribbon around the tulip stems. This romantic gesture straight from flower shops will make your spouse's day.

Surprise your spouse with beautiful pink flowers and make them feel loved. Order a stunning arrangement with these five options straight from your local flower shops. Pink blooms are sure to improve your spouse’s mood and convey your appreciation. When you're looking to make your spouse feel loved, valued, appreciated, or just want to brighten their day, let our local florist shop help. Call Gidas Flowers today to place your order.



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