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3 Tips for Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

3 Tips for Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

17th Nov 2022

The flowers and plants you have at your wedding are very important for establishing the mood and providing guests and the wedding party with a romantic setting. Choosing flowers for the wedding is not as easy as you may have hoped, but it is simple when you have a wedding planner and florist guiding you. Looking at color, size, price, and how intricate an arrangement is can help narrow down your choices. Here are three tips to consider.

Be Realistic About Your Floral Budget

You likely have your perfect wedding planned in your head, with all the flowers displayed exactly as you want them to be. But be realistic about your floral budget, and remember to include money for someone to deliver flowers and floral arrangements.

Remember that flower type, number, and size all make a difference in how much you pay. Your wedding planner can help you modify your flower choices and arrange to deliver flowers so that they fit your budget while still making the venue look like something out of your dreams.

Don't Ignore Traditional Flower Meanings

Flower types and colors have long held specific meanings in different cultures, and while you don't have to choose flowers according to those meanings, you do want to be aware of at least the significant meanings. For example, according to Flora Queen, yellow roses used to mean jealousy and accusations of infidelity. Nowadays, these flowers mean friendship, but there are still some who think of the original meaning. If you want yellow flowers, you can choose something other than roses, and if you want roses, you can choose a color other than yellow.

Use Flowers to Enhance a Style

You know flowers can enhance a mood, but they can also reinforce a style or theme for your wedding. Daisies evoke images of informal fun at a beach, whereas sunflowers can lend a rustic style to a wedding, according to the Aisle Guide. Using fewer flowers is best for more minimalist weddings, while placing many bouquets is perfect for a more elaborate wedding setup.

The flowers at your wedding play such a vital role in the impression left in attendees' minds and memories. You can have a company deliver flowers on a specific day so that they aren't wilting in the wedding venue during the ceremony. Your wedding planner can help you arrange for the delivery, so contact Gidas Flowers today to learn more!



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