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3 Reasons You Should Have a Local Florist Create an Archway for Your Wedding

3 Reasons You Should Have a Local Florist Create an Archway for Your Wedding

1st Nov 2023

Now that you're getting married, you probably have a lot of plans on your list. As you plan your ceremony, you'll have to think about the overall theme and floral arrangements. When you bring on a local florist, you may want to have them build a floral archway. Here are three reasons to have an archway at your wedding.

1. Durability

Take the time to choose flowers for your wedding. It's nice to have them last as long as possible. After all, you don't want florals that have begun wilting before you take your wedding dance. Luckily, most professional floral arrangements last four to seven days or longer, depending on the type of flowers used and the level of care. When you have professionals add an archway at your wedding, you'll have a beautiful centerpiece that can last for days!

2. Focal Point

What better focal point could you have than a beautiful floral archway? Imagine the photos you'll be able to take and the mood it would set. Regardless of the type of blooms used, a professionally created archway by a local florist can easily draw the attention of your guests to a particular spot. Maybe you want the floral archway where you and your groom will sit during the reception. You may want one over the door so you and the wedding party can make a grand entrance and an equally grand exit with your new spouse.

3. Mood

According to Healthline, flowers can make people feel a sense of well-being and happiness. By having such beautifully arranged flowers at your nuptials, you can't help but create a sense of beauty, tranquility, relaxation, and rebirth that symbolizes the union of you and your spouse. You can further enhance the mood if you focus on flower colors. Create a relaxing vibe with purple florals like lavender. Go more bold and romantic with red flowers in the mix. Adding fall colors like orange can create a sense of energy. Pink flowers can symbolize cheeriness. In other words, whatever mood you want to create at your wedding, an archway filled with flowers can help.

Your local florist has a vast amount of expertise that can make your wedding special. Why settle only for floral table settings when you can kick things up a notch with an archway or two? Saying "I do" with your spouse is a special day to remember. For expert arrangements, contact our team at Gidas Flowers today.



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